Winning 7-Card Stud; Tranforming Home Poker Champs Into Casino Killers by Ashley Adams is a book for beginners. In fact, much of the book could be useful for a player who is anxious about his very first step into a casino to play any form of poker, not just seven-card stud. In the preface, Adams describes himself as "a consistent winner at 7-Card Stud games from $1-$5 to $15-$30." Later in the book, he describes the ABC strategy that he lays out as "very conservative", but notes that one player he know grinds out almost $10/hour for about $15,000 a year at $1/$5 spread-limit seven-card stud. It is mostly an un-nuanced, cookbook-style approach to poker, advocating certain formulaic plays.

The book is most suited for casual low-limit hold em players who know little about stud or poker theory and want to try that other game that they sometimes see spread in their local casino. Above all, it preaches discipline, patience, and tight yet aggressive play, things that most small stakes players have not mastered. More knowledgeable players with their eyes on bigger games can move right on to Sklansky, Malmuth, and Zee's Seven-Card Stud for Advanced Players, however.

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