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Q:H2 What is WRGPT? A:H2 (Steve Jacobs)

WRGPT stands for "World Rec.Gambling.Poker Tournament". This is an annual poker tournament played by email. The tournament usually begins in the fall, and usually lasts many months, to the complete aggravation of some of the players.

WRGPT1 started early in 1992 with 30 players. WRGPT1 was dealt by hand, with Will Hyde devoting much of his time to the task. Steve Jacobs won the tournament by eliminating Ken Butler and Bharat Rao on the last hand with K-T offsuit.

WRGPT2 attracted about 130 players, and began in the fall of 1992. This tournament, and those that followed, were dealt by Ron Duursma's excellent email poker server. Ed Baker took first place in this event, coming from behind to eliminate Jeff Jennings. Roy Hashimoto was 3rd.

WRGPT3 attracted about 200 players, and began in the fall of 1993. Roy Hashimoto won this event, becoming the second rec.gambler to win both WRGPT and BARGE titles. Marco Westerweel placed second in this even, and Kristofer Munn placed third, edging out fourth place Ron Duursma (to whom we all owe much thanks for writing the mail server that is used to deal WRGPT events).

WRGPT4 attracted 376 players, and was won Lee Jones, well known to rec.gambling as the author of "Winning Low Limit Hold'em".

The current website is

The next tournament will start some time in late September or October.

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