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Turning Stone recently expanded their poker room to 35 tables, in a move to the area formerly reserved for slots, located between the former room and the main restaurant corridor. "Major" tournaments (such as Heartland Poker Tour)are held in one of many special events rooms. Daily tournaments are held right in the Poker Room.

Entrance fee Edit

$2 for 24 hours

Payable at the cage, this fee purchases a "Poker Club" card which the dealer may ask for as you first sit down. In theory it's supposed to remain on the table at all times. There is a high hand jackpot that you (and the rest of your table) will not qualify for if anyone at your table does not have one.

The old comp system of a cash credit towards restaurant visits has been replaced with the casino's Diamond Card comp system. One-half of a karat is awarded per half hour at all games up to $500max NL and 5/10 limit. At 10/20 and above, the rate is increased to 1 karat per half-hour. Karats are redeemable at most eateries in the casino at a rate of $1 per karat.

Games spread Edit

Hold 'em Edit


  • $2/4 (runs nearly 24/7)
  • $4/8 (pretty constant, usually 2-4 tables on weekends)
  • $6/12 (pretty constant, usually 1 or 2 tables)
  • $10/20 (rare)
  • $15/30 (Starts up daily at 12:30 pm)
  • $20/40 (alternates with the 15/30 as the biggest game usually played in the room)
  • $30/60 (rare)


  • $1-2 blinds - $50 min, $200 max buyin (usually running, 1 or 2 tables)
  • $2-5 blinds - $200 min, $500 max buyin
  • $5-5 blinds - $500 min, $1000 max buyin
  • $5-10 blinds (with a minimum $20 bring-in) $300 min buyin (runs Friday nights)

When tournament series are in town, 30/60 will run all week and so will the 5/10 nl games, and there will usually be a main game and a must move.

Omaha Edit

  • $4/8 Omaha 8 or better (has been running most weekends)

7-stud high Edit

  • $1-5 spread (weekends)
  • $2-10 spread (very rare)

... higher when the pros are in town

7-stud hi-lo 8-or-better Edit

  • $2-10 spread (rare, but can be requested)

Rake structure / time collection Edit

As of summer 2005, rake increased to the following for all raked **limit** games (limit below about $20/40):

  • 5 or more players: Max of $4 per hand
  • 4 or fewer players: Half of normal rake

Pots are raked on the basis of

  • Flop = Drop
  • $1 for every $10 in the pot, up to $4
  • $1 per hand for the high hand jackpot

Tournaments Edit

March Madness Hold'em tournament

  • 3/2 $300+40 NLHE
  • 3/3 $500+50 NLHE
  • 3/4 $1000+60 NLHE
  • 3/5 $200+30 NLHE

$50 satellites 2/24-3/1. Single-table shootout satellites are likely for tournament lammers. Poker rate available.

  • Empire State Hold 'Em Championships take place in August. The main event is a $5000 NLHE tournament.
  • East Coast poker championships take place in October. The main event is a $1000 NLHE tournament.

See this 2+2 thread for details.

A few others listed on their site:

  • $135 + $25 WSOP satellites on Friday nights
  • $40 satellites (to ESHEC?) every Wed., Thurs., and Sat.

Quality of opposition Edit

As expected, weak in low-limit games, gets steadily stronger as stakes increase. Lots of "kids" who do well in their home games come to try some real cards here because it's 18+.

$2-4: This game runs 'round the clock and is 100% fishy. The better tables are ones with mostly older folk, but every table of $2-4 is No Fold 'em Hold 'em.

$4/8: Not as fishy as the $2-4 but very beatable. Average 5 or so to the flop. Watch out for the nitty locals, though. The game is pretty dull unless they're in a friendly mood.

$6/12: This game is variably fishy, but plays almost as loose-passive as the borgata 6/12 on the weekends. Often with players goofing around while waiting for a seat in the 15/30 or 20/40 game if $10/20 isn't going.

$100-max NL: roughly 50% college-aged tight-weak players.. Standard openraises, in order of frequency: $12, $15, $7, $20. A lot of players will overplay dominated aces. The $200 max game is pretty much the same, but with people making a lot of the same mistakes for two stacks of red instead of one.

Wait time Edit

Possibly nil for the low stud; under an hour for $1-3 and $3/6.

For NL games the wait times can get quite long on Friday and Saturday nights. If you plan on playing all night, your best bet it to show up around 5 to get seated promptly. Also, you can call ahead and get your name on the board up to an hour early.

They recently upgraded the board to electronic which should help immensely in their seating players promptly as this has been a big problem in the past, especially for tables in the Torch Lounge across the hall.

Other Edit

Dealers pool their tokes.

The entire Turning Stone casino, including the hotel and restaurants are dry (BYOB). Whether this is because of a policy of the Indian tribe or because they did not receive a liquor license is not known. However, this may lead to some of the games not being as loose as in places serving alcohol.

It is rare for anyone to get carded, even particularly young looking players. Beverages of any kind are allowed to be consumed by anyone.

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External LinksEdit

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