FTOPS XI Limit Hold ‘em pays out $44,327 to TOPTEN. Edit

Here is what the chip counts looked like once the field had been whittled down to one six-handed table:

tom10167 - 1,624,496 killinda_sts - 1,432,881 Scott "TheMrC" Castelluccio - 568,256 TOPTEN - 301,235 pool_shark_10 - 177,980 Michael "benvo123" Benvenuti - 147,152

Eventually, TOPTEN and tom10167 got to the heads-up stage with the latter holding 2.6m to TOPTEN’s 1.6m. At the 60k/120k level TOPTEN had caught up enough to win a monster pot with two pair and take tom10167’s stack down to less than 100k. The next hand was an automatic all-in from severely shortstacked tom10167 and he found only 7c-2c. TOPTEN held T8 which held up to win.

Source: Bluff Europe

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