Post your suggestions for SSNL Digest threads here. Put the links in however, I'll clean them up. - PhilipR 23:52, 8 August 2006 (UTC) a/k/a AKQJ10

I guess I need to go back to about here: page=8 page=10

and maybe even to this post: Thread #6818897 (Two Plus Two thread)

I'll try to browse from there to the present and add what's noteworthy.

Unvetted Edit

I haven't actually vetted these yet. Just an initial list of candidates that might be good!

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By replies, views, or both Somewhere between 06/08/09 09:28 PM and 06/08/10 10:00 AM (last update)

Trying out a flop move SomethingClever 535 25 06/08/10 07:52 AM by dbitel . . . Things Small Stakes Players Do Better Than Big Stakes Players fimbulwinter 4215 23 06/08/10 07:27 AM by Fredrik . . . Paul the calling station... 2Paul2 522 13

I'm gonna try writing a Ruby script to save all this typing.


  • How do you multitable?
  • Carpal/Tunnel Post: Control
  • Yet Another Post Comparing .25/,50 to .50/1

This thread looks interesting: Thread #6896050 (Two Plus Two thread)

Diamonds in the rough Edit

Fundamentals Edit

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Suggestion Edit

Isura - I tried something today. A lot of great posts were made in this thread. Limping pf versus raising fleshed out [Link]

Heres a few that I thought were good: (dbitel)

my fold vs amoeba

this on MUST go in (matt flynn deepstacked draw)

didn't get good till near the end

as an overpair

my KJ thread when we learn why betting the flop with TP isn't a must

how can we havea digest w/out an epdaws post?

a low limit thread that starts out terribly then gets good

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