Address 2823 SW Roxbury St Seattle, WA 98126

Website [1]

18+ Casino

3/6 Cash games, with options of 4/8, 2/20 spread, Half & Full Kill

Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot starting at $100 (AAAKK or better cracked)

Progressive High Hands starting at $150 (AAA1010 or better to qualify)

Progressive jackpots for quads or better, Royals start at $1500

TWICE DAILY TOURNAMENTS, 12:30 and 6:30PM, $30 buy in; Mondays and Tuesdays are a DOUBLE STACK, $60

Get 10 hours of cash game play in during the week and qualify for Sunday Freeroll Tournament at 12:30 PM

Conveniently located right on Roxbury St, can't miss it; two parking lots. Lot's of friendly dealers, friendly players with a professional atmosphere.

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