Player Type Edit

A rock is a rather tight player who rarely plays a hand (less than 20% of the time), and even when he does, will fold postflop to raises unless his hand is strong. In Hold 'em, a rock waits until he has a strong pocket hand (i.e. pocket aces or kings, A-K, high suited pockets) before betting into any hand at all.

It is generally suggested that if a rock at your table bets into a hand, that you should fold unless you have the nuts or a very strong hand.

The Rock's approach often minimizes their loss in cash games, but also minimizes the amount they can win:

  1. The Rock's opportunities to win are rare since the Rock plays fewer hands, and
  2. Players who successfully read a rock will fold when the rock bets, thus reducing the pot size.

The Rock's approach also makes it difficult to succeed in fast multi-table tournaments, as a rock often plays so little that they are blinded off, busted by the increasing blinds.

Forced Straddle Edit

At times you may find one or more "rocks" in play at a limit hold'em game. The rock is a number of chips equal to twice the big blind that are, usually, held together with rubber bands. The rock functions as a forced straddle. When the holder of the rock is to the left of the big blind he puts the rock out as a straddle. The winner of the hand will get the rock as part of the pot and will be expected to play it when he is next in straddling position.

The purpose of the rock is to loosen the game up and to increase the stakes without formally changing the limit.

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