The notion of reopening the betting refers to whether a player may raise after another player has gone all-in for less than a full bet. The general rule varies between limit and big bet games.

Limit Edit

No Limit/Pot Limit Edit

Bob Ciaffone drafted a set of comprehensive poker rules. Here's what he has to say about reopening the betting for no limit and pot limit games:

"All raises must be equal to or greater than the size of the previous bet or raise on that betting round, except for an all-in wager. A player who has already checked or called may not subsequently raise an all-in bet that is less than the full size of the last bet or raise."

That's fairly clear. Consider this action from a no limit Texas hold'em game:

Three players have seen the flop. Player 1 bets $100. Player 2 calls, and Player 3 goes all in for $175. The other players, who have already acted may only call the remaining $75. Betting will begin again on the turn with the money going into a side pot.

Now, in the same scenario, Player 1 bets $100. Player 2 calls $100. Player 3 goes all in for $200. Since $100 is a full raise, the betting is reopened and Player 1 or Player 2 may raise. The extra money will go into a side pot.

House Rules Edit

Remember that there are always going to be rooms where this rule is interpreted differently, so don't be surprised if you find local variance.

External threads Edit

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