Online poker, along with televised poker, really propelled the game into its huge growth phase. Online poker sites are generally connected with one or more online poker payment services which can be used to fund player accounts with money with which to play poker.

Most online poker sites are members of poker networks. Although each site has their own poker room and often their own bonuses and promotions, all of the poker rooms are part of the same network. When a player logs into one poker room, he or she is actually playing with people who have logged in from any poker rooms on the network. This network sharing increases the number of active players on each poker room, giving the player more game selection at any time of the day.

Sites Edit

Top ten most active Edit

This list is based on the maximum number of players during December 2007. The network's main site is listed. Stats are provided by Online Poker Traffic Reports.

  1. Poker Stars (Poker Stars Network) - 127 524
  2. Full Tilt Poker (Full Tilt Poker Network) - 67 528
  3. Poker Room (Poker Network - Ongame Network) - 30 657
  4. Titan Poker (iPoker Network) - 28 474
  5. Absolute Poker (Absolute Poker Network) - 24 112
  6. Ultimate Bet (Excapsa Software Poker Network) - 22 814
  7. Doyles Room (Prima Poker Network) - 17 098
  8. Paradise Poker (Paradise Poker Network) - 9 859
  9. Inter Poker (CryptoLogic Poker Network) - 8 763
  10. 24h Poker (B2B Poker Network) - 8 433

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Review summaries Edit

A table comparing the top online sites for size, games offered, limits offered, and tournaments.

Games:   Limits:   Tournaments:
  HE = Hold 'em   Micro: Bets below $0.50 USD.   Low SNG = Sit-n-go's with buy-ins below $25.
  7S = 7-Stud   Low: Bets from $0.50 to $4.00.   High SNG = Sit-n-go's with buy-ins above $25.
  7H = 7-Stud hi-lo   Middle: Bets from $4 to $20.   MTT SNG = Sit-n-go's with more than 1 table.
  O = Omaha high   High: Bets from $20 and higher.   Low Sched = Scheduled tourns, buy-ins below $25.
  O8 = Omaha/8 hi-lo   FL: Offers fixed-limit games.   High Sched = Scheduled tourns, buy-ins above $25.
  R = Razz or Triple Draw   PL: Offers pot-limit games.   MTT Sched = Scheduled tourns, more than 1 table.
  P = Pineapple or Crazy Pineapple   NL: Offers no-limit games.
  5D = 5-card draw
Site Population (S/M/L/XL) Games Limits Tournaments
HE 7S 7H O O8 R P 5D Micro Low Middle High FL NL PL Low SNG High SNG MTT SNG Low Sched High Sched MTT Sched
Pacific Poker L X X X X X       X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Party Poker XL X X X X X         X X X X X X X X X X X X
Planet Poker M X X X X X     X X X X   X X X       X   X
Ultimate Bet L X X X X X X X   X X X X X X X X X X X X X

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