Should beginners multi-table? Edit

Here's an opinion that I posted at [1]. Perhaps I or others will come back and organize this content a bit better. - PhilipR

I'm of the school of thought that, if you can't discipline yourself to single-table effectively (i.e., by spending downtime observing the action) then you're asking for a bloodbath by multi-tabling. Full disclosure: I say this as someone who has all kinds of trouble observing the action when I'm not inolved. I see this as a huge flaw in my game to be improved before I can really maximize my potential. This is part of the reason why I don't multi-table that much, and never more than two for now.

I'm not against multi-tabling; in fact, for those that do it well, it's stupid not to. In this regard I agree that Pac is seriously flawed. I hope to improve my own observation and concentration to the point where I can multitable without reinforcing bad habits. I'm just saying -- of the valid reasons to multitable, I don't consider impatience to be a sound one.

To be sure, I don't doubt that any of us can beat 10c/20c hold 'em soundly while multitabling, but I don't think it's laying the groundwork for future success.

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