Majestic Star II in Gary, Indiana is viewed as the low limit room in the Chicagoland area (vs. Resorts East Chicago). While fairly spacious and satisfactory lighting, the temperature in the poker room can often be uncomfortable. Located adjacent to the deli on the top floor of the casino, the poker room offers a variety of games such as 3/6 hold'em or 2/5 NL hold'em.



3/6 Hold'em with full kill

5/10 Hold'em with full kill

10/20 Hold'em with half kill (rarely spreads)

No Limit:

50min-200max no limit (1/2 blinds-multiple tables common)

200min-500max no limit (2/5 blinds-multiple tables spread almost always)

400min-1000max no limit (5/10 blinds-rarely spreads)

Spread Limit:

2-10 7 Card Stud 8 or better runs on weekends

1-5 7 Card Stud - not going much lately


HOSE, O8B on request. Other games and limits spread on request.


Monday at 7pm. Registration starts at 5pm.

Tuesday at noon. $40 + $10 Freeze out

Wednesday at 1pm. Registration starts at 10am.

Buy-in is $85+15, $40 rebuys and a $60 add-on at the first break. The initial buy-in gets you T400. You may take an immediate rebuy for another T400. You may rebuy anytime your stack is at or under T400. The add-on gets you an additional T800.

The blinds start at 5/10 and escalate every 15 minutes. No level has antes. A tournament with 120 entrants will run about 5 hours.

Alternates are seated until the end of the rebuy period, and registration appears to be capped at 120.

The final table gets paid with first prize taking 40% of the prize pool.

You must have a Majestic Club card to register, so get one before you get to the poker room if you need one.



6/12 and lower: 10% up to $5 + $1 bad beat

10/20 and higher: 5% up to $5, no bad beat drop

No Limit:

10%, $5 max plus $1 for bad beat on $1/$2 NL ($50/$200 buy in)

All other tables are rake now - not time. (03/31/2008) $7/half hour for $50min-$300max NL

$8/half hour for $400min-$1000max NL


Bad beat jackpots for Stud, Omaha/8 and Hold'em. Lower limits only.

You can call ahead to get on a list. They'll keep you on the list for 1 hour from the time of your call. Call (888) 218-7867 for the casino or (219) 977-7444 direct to the poker room.

Poker room rate for hotel is $42.00 for 3 hours of play.

Comps for food and deli: $0.50/hr at 5/10 limit, 200max NL and under $1/hr for higher games

Poker room is on top floor of riverboat, with nice atmosphere and view of Lake Michigan.

Nicely run room with friendly staff and decent comps. Dealers not necessarily the best, but they try.

High limit not always available.

While the 3/6 is almost always going, the higher Limit Hold'Em games spread much rarely as many of the players have switched to playing no limit. On weekends it is rare to see more than one or two tables of 5/10 or higher games.

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