Hours none
# Tables 0
Address 2755 Mission Rancheria Road, Lakeport CA
Region Lake County, California, USA
Phone 800-FUN-1950

Not truly in Lakeport proper, Konocti (pronounced kuh-NAHK-tai) Vista is located about five miles south of town, on the southern shore of Clear Lake. Its claim to fame (as evidenced by its website) is its built in marina, so it hosts a number of events aimed at the gambler/angler/boater contingent which must be popular in the rural north. The entire area reminds me of rural Indiana; Lakeport is in a very flat section of former lakebed, and roads and highways make right-angle turns to dodge around farm parcels here and there. Slightly rundown houses on huge lots have overhead power wires running to them and you could see for miles if the occasional tree or crop didn't get in the way.

Unfortunately, Konocti Vista closed their poker room in February 2007, and has no plans to reopen it. To read about what Konocti used to be like, poker-wise, you can click on the History tab above, and look at earlier versions of this page.

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