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Harrah's Main Page - Poker Room

Harrah's North Kansas City features a reasonably nice room of about eight tables.

Directions Edit

From I-35, take the Armour Street

Games spread Edit

Limit hold 'em Edit

  • $3/6 - most constant
  • $4/8 - at peak times
  • $5/10 - at peak times

No-limit hold 'em Edit

  • $2-5 blinds, $100 min., maximum of $300 or 75% of largest stack at table (subject to Missouri buy-in law)

The 75% game hasnt been as popular lately and you might find one (or two on fri/sat night) running, most people are sticking to the $100-300 buyin game

Omaha hi/lo Edit

Spread occasionally, not sure about limits.

Observations Edit

  • Wed., May 18, 01:00 am, PhilipR: One or two $3/6 and one $2-5 NL game were going. The NL game was typical loose-semi-aggressive SSNL, but the game did get tighter briefly after a couple of big stacks left before gearing up again. Management denied action to a the would-be table drunk soon after he sat down, which won my respect.

Notes Edit

  • Because of the legal requirement that you have an affinity card before entering the casino, be sure to sign up for one at one of the desks near the Starbucks at the entrance. Cards from Harrah's St. Louis are apparently valid for this purpose; not sure about non-Missouri Harrah's properties.
  • No blind is required for new players coming in.
  • Oddly, chip racks appear to be designed to hold stacks of 21 chips! This sounds like some sort of chicanery, but the explanation is that $5 reds are an older series of chip that's thinner than the newer chips. They assured this author that all chips are counted down at cashout.

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