The poker room is on the 3rd level of the boat, near the "Party Zone". Currently has only 4 tables. The games typically spread are $4/$8 limit holdem and a $2/$5 NL holdem game w/unlimited buy-in. NL usually plays big and it is not uncommon to see people buy-in for $1000+. The $4/$8 game is very typical for a B&M; loose-passive most of the time but can get LAGgy if the right college boy or maniac or drunk shows up. Rake is 10% up to $5 max; no bad-beat jackpot.

I've occasionally seen $5/$10 limit holdem and a $1/$2 NL game. Tournaments on Monday nights, limited to 40 players. Buy-in is usually $100+20 and top 4 are paid. No waiting area; you are give a buzzer (similar to the ones you get at restaurants) so you can go waste money in the pit or slots while waiting for your seat. Waits can be long on weekend nights. Earn a whopping $0.75/hour on your Harrah's card (must swipe in and out to get it).

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