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Garliccity outside

Garlic City Casino

Hours 7 days, 5pm-2am or later
# Tables 4
Address 40 Hornlein Ct, Gilroy
Region Bay Area, California, USA
Phone 408-847-7074

Open every day starting at 5pm and closing late at night ("whenever enough people leave or get tired, we close"), though games often don't start until 7pm or so. Will stay open as long as a game is going on, so can be open 24 hours on weekends. Open at noon on Sat and Sun for Pan games.

Located on Monterey Rd, south of downtown, near the CalTrain station.

Games Edit

Basically, the club spreads whatever enough people who are there want to play. During most of 2005, that meant 3/6 limit with a full kill, or 4/8 with a full kill. In 2006, it usually meant $4-200 spread. In 2007 and 2008, management changed and they focused more on $2-$6 spread limit (true spread limit) with $1/$2 blinds and $1 on the button. Rake is $4 per hand for 6 or more players ($3 for 5, $2 for 4 or fewer), plus $1 jackpot drop. They will still play other games if people request it, though, and still have an irregular 2/4 kill Pineapple game.

On early Saturday and Sunday afternoons (around noon) they apparently spread Pan 9 for a hardcore group of Pan players, and later in the day Pineapple often runs.

Game Character:This is a small card room that is filled with pretty much only local regulars. They speak Spanish a lot, to each other and to the dealers and staff, though the game is nominally run in English, and most dealers make an effort to use only English, or at least repeat things in both languages.

The game is usually fairly loose aggressive. Sometimes even comically so.

Chip garliccity

A dollar chip

Wait Time: Because there's only four tables, and usually only one or two are actually in use, wait times are either nonexistent (take an empty seat), which is common, or can be half an hour or more if the table is full of regulars who aren't done playing yet, and there aren't enough people waiting to form an extra table. The owners and employees often sit down to fill out a table, and will vacate their seat if you'd like to play instead.

Shuffling: All tables are hand-shuffled

Posting: New players need not post

Oddity: When carding for the button when a new table starts, ties between ranks are not broken by bridge suits, as is usual: they are broken by "first player to the left of the dealer with that rank".

Tournaments Edit

They have recently set up a new tournament schedule (shown below). Since it's still fairly new, some days do not draw enough players for the tourney to run. If you want to know if it's going to run, call ahead.

  • 7 days a week, 7pm, $35 NLHE. 1 Rebuy, 1 Addon.

All tournaments pay top three places at this point. If they get two tables, it pays top four. More, it pays more.


Bad Beat jackpots and thrice-daily high hand jackpot (high hand = $100, paid every 8 hours. Must be quads or higher). Bad beat jackpot was at $20000 and climbing in Jan 2009. Bad beat jackpots are quad 8's or better beaten (for Mega Jackpot = $20K) or AAAJJ beaten (about $2000 jackpot).

Also bonus hands: royal flush pays $200, straight flush = $100, quads = $80. Both hole cards must play; if only one hole card plays, bonus pays only 25% of the posted amount.

Garliccity inside

Interior of Garlic City Casino

Atmosphere Edit

Small town (very small) card room. Feels a bit like it's an underground speakeasy, like you need to know the password to be ushered through the side door into the casino, even though the door now has a nice stairrail leading to it, and signage pointing the way. They have torn down the wall that used to separate the casino and the restaurant, and now both are operated by the same guy, so they feel and act coordinated.

Mostly it's a small town casino where "everyone knows everyone", a bunch of friends who get together to play poker every night. Random other people often stop by, too.

Tables and Chairs: Four tables with nice felt and nice vinyl. The tables seat 10 players each. A fifth table is prepped and waiting to be put into service if business grows.

Neighborhood: Slightly run down area of town, but not bad. Right next to the nice CalTrain station.

Parking: Moderate amount of parking available, both behind the club (about 20 spaces) and in front (10 spaces) and in the city public parking lot next door (about 20 spots).

Smoking: Not allowed inside the building, due to California law.

Service and Comps Edit

Now that the connected restaurant is operated by Garlic City, it runs and serves food most nights. Snacks and soda machines are also available.

Wheel-up drink holder tables make it easy to drink while you play, but somewhat harder to eat while you play. You are allowed to do so, but the tables are a bit small and rickety.

Links and Notes Edit

  • Nearest competitor is probably Garden City Casino in San Jose.
  • Visited by MarkT many times from 2005 through 2009. Last updated Jan 22 2009.

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