Why you should be looking out for Freeroll Poker Tournaments

1. Freeroll tourneys or tournaments works like a normal poker tournaments except the prize pool is made up of contributions from the house or a sponsor! Hence Freeroll's are "Free" to enter, but there is still a cash or alternate prize of some real value, sound good? It is!

2. On the downside some freeroll tournaments sometimes require a number of loyalty points to enter, i.e. you have to play for real and win or lose with your own cash before you'll "qualify for entry" but there are plenty that can be entered by anyone.

3. Sometimes the prizes in freeroll tourney aren't only cash, they frequently include free entry to higher value tournaments, giving you the chance at winning more cash.

4. Freerolls are perfect for beginners and intermediate poker players since they offer the opportunity to play for real money with no risk. This is very useful for players in the early stages because as good as play money games are, the lack of real incentive to win or lose tends influence players' in the way they play and this won't always stand you in good stead when you start moving up.

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