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Used to be called the Dealers Choice

Hours, Tables, Location Edit

Noon until not enough players to round out a table. 8 tables. Deuces Wild Casino
13483 Bowman Road
Auburn, CA 95603


Games Edit

No-limit hold 'em: 2/3 Spread every day starting whenever there are enough playser to round a table. $50 min buy-in, 2-300 max buy-in, (seems to change weekly). Stuck players will often request to buy in for more.

Occasionally on Saturdays they spread a 3/5, $200-$600 buy. <p>Tuesdays is the 'big game'. No max buyin, blinds either $5/$10 or $25/$50. Other Games: On demand. Omaha Pinapple Stud variants Dealers choice $5/$10 pot limit. Rake: $4 for 3/6 (7-9 players; $3 for 5-6 players).

Game Info Edit

Game Character: 2/3 game. Players are generally friendly, skilled, and range from passive to loose aggressive. Lots of action.

Shuffling: Hand shuffled. No machines available.

Wait Time Edit

No general idea. Once I waited 15 minutes for a seat. YMMV.

Tournaments Edit

Daily tourneys on various schedules. $50-100 buyin.

Jackpots Edit

Bad Beat Jackpot A,A,A,K,K or better beat $65,000+ (Both cards must play in both hands)

Daily Jackpots Quad Deuces - $100 (Must have pocket deuces to qualify)

High Hand of the Day (Qualifier A,A,A,K,K) 2 per day: 6 am - 6 pm and 6 pm - 6 am Each player is entered into a free roll No-Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament the first Sunday of the following month. Tournament starts at 9:00 am Prize Pool: $2,000 minimum See floor manager for details.

Atmosphere Edit

This is a pleasant and nice card room.

The staff is very pleasant and friendly, and often joins in on the game to fill it out, if warm bodies are needed.

Neighborhood: You're in a clean poker room next to a restraunt, and near a bowling alley on a remote mountain road. There is no one around for miles.

Parking: Plenty of lot and street parking

Tables and Chairs: Standard 9-player tables with very nice felt, standard fixed-leg chairs.

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