* Tips for finishing a Double or Nothing tournament. Edit

When you get down to 7 handed play in a Double or Nothing tournament, everyone should focus on knocking out the two shortest stacks to finish the tournament.

These tips will help finish a Double or Nothing quickly.

1. Keep pressure on the two shortest stacks. Make them pay to keep their blinds.

  • Do not let the short stacks see flops for free when they are in the big blind.
  • Raise (don't just call).
  • The two biggest stacks should be in every hand as long as they have a J or better.

2. Don't double up the short stacks by playing weak hands when they go all in.

3. What to do if there is someone 'sitting out' when you get to six handed play

  • Don't let the sit out make the money!
  • Everyone should just fold their hand to the big blind.
  • When the sit out is in the big blind, the player in the small blind must call.

4. Once the two shortest stacks are out of a hand, everyone else should check down the rest of the hand.

  • There's no reason for any one to lose chips if the short stacks are not in the hand.

5. What to do if a short stack is all-in and multiple players are also in the hand

  • Remember that the purpose is to knock out the short stack.
  • Do not bet, just check down the rest of the hand. If you bet, you might cause a player with a better hand to fold and that may let the short stack win the pot.

6. The larger stacks should never hook up in a hand if the two short stacks are out of the hand.

  • Remember, focus on knocking out the short stacks!

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