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Valencia Road, South Tucson. West of the Airport, about 5 miles west of I-10. Website

Room Info Edit

The poker room at del Sol is quite nice. It is a non-smoking room, though the rest of the casino is smoking. The room is open-air connected to the rest of the casino, but the ceilings are quite high so smoke will not be a problem. They have 12 tables and run a few tournaments a week. You can order food at the table (1/2 off regular price if you're in a game), and they charge for alcohol (not sure about other drinks). They do run good drink specials. Management also stocks a cabinet full of soft drinks that is free to players. Coffee, tea, and ice are also available.

Game Info Edit

Tournaments run several days a week and have very poor blind/level structures. It is apparently common for players to chop multiple ways towards the latter stages of their tournaments because of the poor structure. Tournaments are run Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 PM and Saturdays at 11:30 AM ($35 buy-in, no RB/AO), and Sundays at 11 AM ($15 buy-in, $5 RB). Weekday morning tournaments are also held at 10 AM (various games).

They run Omaha H/L and Hold Em, though most of the time only Hold Em is running. Mostly low limit games, and no limit is illegal in Arizona. They typically spread a 2-20 or 4-40 spread limit game. Usually they spread 2/4 and 3/6 games. Play quality is typical low-limit. When I was there they did not have anything higher than $4/$8.

Dealers were competent and friendly.

They offer a bad beat jackpot, which is typically at 20-30K. Aces full of Jacks must be beaten by quads or better.

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