Casino Niagara is a casino located in the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada (which is near Buffalo, New York). It offers Texas Hold 'em ring games with the following blind structures (in Canadian dollars):

  • No-limit $1 small blind / $2 big blind max $200 buyin

Sine the opening of the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, which is a related business, the Casino Niagara poker room has been largely disregarded; no game aside from $1/$2 is offered except during the Februrary WPT stop at Fallsview, when its $2/$5 games are transferred over to Niagara. The poker room's cashier has been closed, and there are no chip runners, so getting chips is an arduous process (the only other cashier is on the floor above.) Dealer quality and service is adequate. The tables seat ten players and are of middling quality.

During weekdays games do not start until noon and it is unusual even in evenings for more than three tables to be going. Weekends will get up to 6-7 tables Calling ahead is very advisable as the room is reluctant to open new tables without excess demand.

If you plan on trying both casinos, note that the chips are identical between the two, so it's not necessary to cash out at one before going to the other.

Casino Niagara has its own bad beat, which is triggered by aces full of queens beaten by a superior hand. This being a low bar for a bad beat, the jackpot is rarely strikingly high; $30,000 is a surprise.

Play quality is typical of a $1/$2 room.

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