Small room, has 7 tables (recently expanded from 5). Room located on top level of a boat, isolated from the rest of the casino. Nice waiting area with couches, TV, poker magazines. Soda machine, hot dogs, and munchies provided. Smoking allowed. Mostly low-limit action. I've never seen more than 4 tables going. Typically there will be $2/$4 or $3/$6 or $4/$8 going. The "big" game will be a $10/$20 game. Supposedly $20/$40 goes sometimes, but I've never seen it. Room is subject to the $500 maximum buy-in per 2 hours rule in Missouri. Sometimes spreads $1/$2 or $2/$5 NL. They have a stud table, but I've never seen it used. I did play $5/$10 limit omaha high once. Rake 10% up to $5. All pots are raked, even if there is no flop. Chopping is not allowed, not that this comes up much. Occasional tournaments-have no info on buy-in or structure.

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