Huge room of about 50-60 tables or so.

Games Spread Edit

3/6 Hold'em

4/8 Hold'em

6/12 Hold'em

8/16 Hold'em

10/20 Hold'em (no longer spread, killed off by the 8/16 game)

20/40 Hold'em

40/80 Hold'em

60/120 Hold'em

75/150 Hold'em

75/150 Mixed

30/60 Mixed (runs often, no draw games)

40/80 Mixed (runs most weekends, no draw games)

1-4 7 Stud

3/6 7 Stud

6/12 Stud hi/lo (runs sometimes on weekends and Tuesday and Wednesday nights)

15/30 7 Stud (rarely runs)

3/6 Omaha hi/lo

6/12 Omaha hi/lo

5-150 Spread-limit hold 'em - This is because their tribal compact prohibits no-limit hold'em, so this bizarre spread is as close as they can get. This game has a cap of $350 Buy-in. It's No-limit spread-limit hold 'em.

10-150 Spread-limit hold 'em - This is a further modification of the 5-150 game but with $1000 Buy-in

$7 per half hour time charge with a time pot on all games 20/40 and higher (does not include the 5-150 or 10-150 game).

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