Brainsturgeon is an online freeroll poker league, playing 7 days a week on Ultimate Bet. Members pay $25 per year for automatic enrollment in 8 freerolls each week on Ultimate Bet, with the chance to win prizes in monthly prize tournaments.

Charter Edit

The purpose of Brainsturgeon is to create a learning environment devoid of the annoyances of the large 4,000 to 10,000 player freerolls generally found online. Brainsturgeon's three major tenets are:

1) Have fun

2) Promote and enjoy good Poker play

3) Avoid the annoyances found at Poker sites, such as slow players, loose play, harassment of others

Weekly Schedule Edit

Monday, 9PM ET - Cash buy-in: $5 + .50 NLHE (no league points awarded)

Tuesday, 8PT ET - NLHE

Wednesday, 8PM ET - Pot Limit Omaha

Thursday, 8PM ET - NLHE

Friday, 9PM ET - NLHE

Saturday, 1PM ET - NLHE

Saturday, 9PM ET - Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo

Sunday, 1PM ET - NLHE

Sunday, 8PM ET - NLHE

Points Awarded Edit

1st place: 25 points

2nd place: 15 points

3rd place: 12 points

4th place: 10 points

5th place: 9 points

6th place: 8 points

7th place: 7 points

8th place: 6 points

9th place: 5 points

10th place: 3 points

Sessions Edit

A typical session lasts 8 to 9 weeks. Players are awarded points for their 3 best performances each week, thus a maximum of 75 points per week. The players ranking in the top 20 in points over the course of a session are invited to a special prize tournament, typically replacing that week's Sunday night league freeroll. Open prize tournaments for the entire league are also occasionally held.

Prize Tournament Prizes Edit

1st place - 2 Tournament Entry Chips (TECs)

2nd place - 1 TEC

3rd place - UB Microfiber Jacket

4th place - UB Polo Shirt or UB 3/4 sleeve shirt

5th - 10th place - UB Hat

Website Edit

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