If you enjoy playing games with rules that are easy to learn than blackjack is the game of your kind. Rules of blackjack are very easy to learn and follow. Apart from these rules there are some basics of blackjack and every player should have a clear idea about those basics.

The first basic factor whish is very important to understand is, the odds in blackjacks favor the house for example it is not possible for both, dealer and player to go for twenty one or ‘bust’ but if it happens then you will loose your wager.  

Another commonly misunderstood bet is the ‘insurance bet’. It is a side bet and can be made outside the typical wager. Insurance bet can be made when the dealer is showing Ace card face up. If, the dealer has ten cards and ends up getting a blackjack than the player will loose their initial wager but if they made an insurance bet then they will win the bet.

This bet might sound as a good bet to be made by the players but it is very essential for a player to realize that the chances of the dealer to get a blackjack are very less. This bet is typically considered as ‘fools bet’. Some experts had even said that this bet should never be made unless a player is counting the cards. Card counting is considered as cheating by some casinos and a player should never engage in any activity which is considered as unethical.

Another strategy of blackjack that might confuse you is “doubling down”. It is one of the best strategies of blackjack and should be understood properly by the players before using it in their game. In this strategy the player are allowed to double their cards and increase their initial wager by two. These are just few things that should be kept in mind before going too far in playing Blackjack.

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