The Aviation club is a Casino where you can play poker.

The Aviation club is a pretty classy place, especially in comparision to east coast poker rooms. To play you must have a passport to gain entrance, which will be logged sort of like a membership. Enterence is free for the poker room. It is located very close to the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs-Élysées[]. For reference if you were looking south from the Arc the club would be on your left about three blocks down. The approximately 25 table poker room itself is set on the second floor inside a small room. Cellings are about 8-10 feet high and they allow smoking at the table, which is frequent so be prepared. The room has backgammon outside, as well as some sort of casino floor. ---- The room itself has daily tournaments which go for about 50 Euros. The ring games spread are usually dealer's choice pot limit. The limits range from 2-2, 5-5, 10-20. The button decides which game is played by the presence of plaques instead of a dealer button. The choices that can be played are: hold'em, Omaha hi-lo, Omaha lo, 7-nullo, Stud, Stud hi-lo, Avaiation(a take on Pinapple), and courchevel. [[]] This is a very open game so when it comes up be prepared to win or lose a big pot. All players recieve 5 cards as well as the first card of the flop being open prior to the first round of betting. The flop comes with 2 cards and proceeds as a regular flop game, aside from the vast number or hands present. A rake was used for the 2-2 game, something like 10% upto 8.00 euro's. The 5-5 blind pot limit game is 14.00 Euro's and hour. Dealers change on the hour. ---- The floor people as well as the cage person spoke fairly fluent english, certainly enough to ask simple questions. The players mostly speak english, as well as the dealers. Most players, as well as employes were cordgial if not friendly. Most poker terms(raise, max bet, call, check) are universal but caution is suggested if using more slang terms. Personally "giving them a free-be, as almost translated into max bet" so be careful. The poker room has a bad beat jackpot, which takes two euros out a pot. The room has a bright jackpot sign, it does not post the requirements. Also tipping is not as automatic as it is in most American casinos, so with this there is no 1.00 Euro chip. That doesn't mean you shouldn't tip the dealers they are working just as hard. ---- The poker room has table service for both food and drink, not sure how the system works. {{stub}} [[Category: Casinos]] [[Category:Casinos]]

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